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12 de Maio de 2011
To international prospective PEC-PG and TWAS-CNPq candidates

Our Program is eligible for these Programs and if you are interested in applying for these programs, we encourage you to read carefully the call for proposals in the websites of CNPq and CAPES. As a second step, consult the webpage of our Supervisors:
Clicking on the column Lattes, you can see the research field of each of them, and their publications. As you can see, our research areas cover the most different areas of Genetics. You should directly contact by e-mail the prospective supervisors that match your scientific interest to discuss the possibility to apply for a fellowship. After discussing this possibility with a prospective supervisor, if you decide to apply, you can receive from him instructions about how to proceed, or contact the Graduate Program coordinator ( Please cc the prospective Supervisor you contacted.
Our Program has score 6 from the Brazilian Ministry of Education, which means that we have a level of excellence in a system of evaluation mainly based on the quality and amount of peer-review published papers. We already have international students from Paquistan and Latin American. Our Program is hosted at the Institute of Biological Sciences (IBS). Because the IBS hosts 10 Departments (Biology, Biochemistry and Immunology, Botany, Pharmacology, Physiology and Biophysics, Microbiology, Morphology, Parasitology and Zoology) and 11 Graduate Programs on the same building, the boundaries between Departments are always broken, favoring interdisciplinary research and the shared use of equipments. The IBS is an exciting space for interaction between the 240 faculties belonging to 90 independent research groups, the 1000 graduate students and hundreds of posdocs doing research in the building. The IBS is one of the most productive research Institutes nationwide. A recent survey encompassing years 2001-2009 reports that 28 out of the 90 group leaders (31%) are among the 1% most productive investigators nationwide, as measured by articles published in journals indexed in the ISI Web of Science. Our Department of Biology, with 18 independent research groups is second in scientific productivity at the Institute.

CNPq TWAS fellowship website:
CAPES PEC-PG fellowship:

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Processo seletivo

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